This is a platform built to help You, Your Business and Your Online business to become something that you can be proud of and most of all become your inner Superstar!

Within the bones of this club our desire is to help women all around the world build an incredible business. Never feel that you can't contact us on how to better your business it is what we are here for. We look forward to working with each and everyone of you.

That is our promise to you xo

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Our door.. ok email and Facebook are always open to you. If you have any questions at all and feel that it can not be answered in our Facebook Group then please let us know at or through my Facebook Natasha Krahenbring. Preferred method is email though xo


Join our Facebook Group. Meet other like minded women who are in your shoes or socks!! Hey no judgment here.

Fill out our quick survey, i promise its quick. We want to get to know you better so head on over to the link and let us know all abut you

Once you are in the Facebook Group, which can take up to an Hour so dont stress!! We have to make sure you are who you say you are of course. Be sure to say Hi and introduce your self in the group, we all want to hear about you.

Daily - You will get daily inspiration, motivation and tips through the Facebook Group. We will monitor and ask questions through out the day but keep in mind some weekends we might take longer, but your in a community of awesome women who i am sure will be willing to help.

Weekly - Live videos from me on a Monday giving you a task that will help your business for the week and many more to come. You will also get a guest blogger who i have found that i feel fits the brand and who can help you inch your way to that Superstar i keep going on about.

Fortnightly - Super exciting to be able to talk to the most encouraging consultants, directors and leaders i can find within the Party Plan industry. Each fortnight i will have someone new from a different company each time giving you their tips, hints and how they run their successful business how exciting.

Monthly - You will be given the chance to download new printables from weekly check lists, monthly ones to, to do lists, work books and much more.

These are only just a snippet of what we have planned as we grow our community we will add more awesome actions to help you and your business.

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