how to build a website in one day

Does any of these sound familiar?

- You’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices you can make when it comes to your business?

- You have spent hours researching ways on how to build your own website but have still come up with nothing?

- You may already have a website, but are feeling a little embarrassed to share?

- You can’t afford $$$ to splash out $1000’s on a designer?

how to build a website in one day


What if I told you that you could have all of those things, at a fraction of the cost?

- Have all of your brandings sorted for your business in one week?

- Do your website yourself, even if you have no idea how too?

- Get guided support every step of the way, and continuous support?

- Be ready to start your business full swing from day one?

Every business should have a website whether you are big or small.

Welcome to How To Build Your Website In One Day!

That’s right in ONE DAY! I give you all the tools you need to create your dream website for your business. Here is what is included.

- Worksheets and 3 phone calls to determine your business branding, getting your branding right straight off is so important we give you the tools you need to make sure you succeed with flying colours.

- Content Creation help! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with words that match you and your business. This is where we will come in. You will be guided, and I will look over everything making sure it's suitable for your website. Don’t stress I have you covered.

- We have all of your SEO type stuff covered, we will show you how to make SEO work for you.

The biggest part of this is the support. This isn’t an online course YET! This is a face to face working together course.

You will also get ONE full day 9 am to 5 pm of having me helping you along the way! I have hired a room for us to work in, to help you create your beautiful website and to be sure that by 5 pm that day your website is up and running.

How does that sound? I think it’s a pretty good deal. A website in one day and you learn how to do it yourself!! Woo hoo.

Here is what else you need to know.

- Squarespace is my chosen weapon it’s simple, beautiful and easy to use. The minimum per month for their services is $35 per month.

- The domain name will need to be brought, the pricing starts at $20 per year.

All of the above is paid through Squarespace.

If you do require an e-commerce site, the price may differ. Please contact to discuss.

So are you ready to take your business further, create your own beautiful website and know how to make changes yourself?

For now, this course is one on one, weekdays and weekends are on offer for the business owners that are super busy.

For $359 you get all of the above and a few more surprises. Start taking your business further with a brand new website. Fill out the form below to book your spot.

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