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I must admit writing that headline might seem really mean for some but for me in 4 years I have only ever had 1 friend support me in buying any of my products! And I am certain it was out of pity.

Do you ever get that feeling that your friends no longer want to talk to you, they no longer like your personal photos on facebook and Instagram?? Well i hate to say it but its most likely that they have un followed you on facebook. A little trick Facebook created to allow you to still be friends on Facebook but never receive notification from you or have you in their news feed!!

Pretty cheeky if you ask me!


Here are my top 3 reasons why you should never sell to friends

  1. No brainer!! It could ruin your friendship. Just recently today I Facebook messaged 8 women who I am proper friends with, not just random people. I messaged them the following

“I am starting a new business teaching Business Women Social Media and lots of other amazing things. Would you be interested in learning more about that?

That was it. Now I can understand why people would be hesitant about replying but we are friends so I thought it was a no brainer. Out of the 8 only one person replied and the rest have seen it and still no response 11 hours later. This actually really hurt me. My main reason for doing this was to grow my email list, and not so much to sell to them as not everyone would be interested but if they ever had someone ask “ who can show me social media “ then they would think of me. I am still annoyed and I know I shouldn’t be but I almost want to just delete them as being a friend as I just find it plain rude not to answer. Ok ok next reason.. I could go on for days.

2.  They get annoyed of you posting 24/7. I must admit this one annoys me to. Every time I jump on my news feed someone is either advertising to recruit or trying to sell their products which is fine on a business page but not on a personal. In my opinion. For me I would do it twice a week on a Sunday and Wednesday night at 7pm when most people are on the computer. I just share it from my business page so that way they can revert back to my business page if they want to like it etc.

3.       They could Un Friend you.. yes I know it’s only facebook. But think about it. If you pound them to buy, constantly advertise your product in their news feed then of course they will un friend you from their life.

So there you have it did any of those reasons speak truth to you and how your friends might be feeling about you.

There are many ways around this though.

1.       You don’t have to constantly advertise to your friends, there are other tools pinterest, create your own website, Instagram, Blogging. These other social media platforms will not only get your product into the right customers hands but the customer is actually looking for it. So if done right you can have the customers coming to you left right and centre. Pretty cool right.

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Until next time, Natasha!

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