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So you want to travel, You see every body else doing it. Mary the neighbour is going away for the weekend, John the gardener is going to a different state for 2 weeks!!

Your over here thinking how are they doing it, we both work our butts off, save and yet we are just scrapping by.


For my husband and I, while we have a lovely house, nice things and we know at the end of the day we are so great full for what we have.

But our biggest accomplishment for us isn't all of our nice things, giant TV etc its all about the memories we can create and making sure that we live a great life for us and our child.

For the last 5 years we have done 2 over seas trips every single year!!! Being that my family are interstate ( im the top of Australia, there at the bottom ) we will go down there once a year and also have lots of weekends away. All while being a stay at home business mum.

We dont earn millions but we work smart.

So i am going to give you my tips on being able to get away without breaking the bank.

1. You need to save!!! Yes logical i know but what we do at the start of the year is sit down with our ideas. Come end of January we know where we want to go. For instance this year is my husbands 30th he loves NZ so we have decided to go back there. The month will be September so we have 8 months to kick this into gear. So we work out what we are going to be doing. 10 days hiring a car, different motel each night and enough spending money for the three of us for food, activities etc. So break it down to each section. NZ is known for their activities so we know we would have to take more then we normally would to a different location. So we calculated to save. $4,000 by September. Now that 4,000 includes flights which i will get to next. But as you can see by breaking down the 4,000 i know that each month i have to come up with $500 a month give or take.

2. Flights. In any trip you go to this is the most expensive. I say do your home work. We were so lucky the week we decided it was NZ they were having a sale. We have already brought a one way ticket, coming back for all of us it was $380. So $126 from Wellington to Gold Coast i kid you not!!! Coming from someone who has been to NZ 4 times thats freaking amazing price so we booked straight away. If you have time to wait to book i say do it. The closer it gets to the date the price will never go down so dont leave to the last minute. I sign up to the major airlines for their news letter so you have Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas. I also do Flight Centre and Escape Travel. You should get one email a week from each. Thursday is Virgin's happy hour and Friday is Jetstars. Don't be afraid to book one way, heck we have booked coming back home but not leaving. I check flights twice a week and have set a reminder on my phone.

3. Accommodation. 2nd most expensive. We have a rule that we dont spend more then $120 a night in any location. For this particular trip our budget is $100. We are really picky with our accommodation and it almost needs to be 5 star. But we do our homework. Because on this trip i will have to book 10 different hotel rooms eek i will for sure do my homework on the location, how big, activities for my little one etc. Normally we dont hire a car but this time we will as we will drive the whole South Island so this time around we can afford to go out of the town a little as we can just drive in. If you havent been to NZ fuel at Christmas 2016 was $1.90!!!!! How crazy. So look around. Escape Travels also have great combined deals for flights and accommodation so be sure to check them to.

4. Activities. Another killer in the budget. Once again it is all about home work and being organised. When we go away we have in our mind that really we would never go back. Except NZ of course as it is truly beautiful. But in most cases you dont. So you want to see everything. Trip advisor is really good at getting activities you want to see. So do a search on there to see what is in the area. For this trip we have a $1000 budget. But before i go i will have a plan on what we are doing each day. This is where being organized comes into it and why we know we dont go over the budget. Each day on holidays is set out. Now im no commander and do hour by hour. But i will have a daily planner of the things we can do, the things that are close to each other so we can tick them off etc. Be smart about it. Save you time. You want to see everything dont forget. So do a travel itinerary. Especially if your going to a place that has a million things to do.

Now i know we covered the save part of the budget but i wanted to go into it a bit more. I would hate to send you off and not have a plan on how your getting that extra $500 each month. If your like many Australians your trying to save for a house, car, new TV etc but you really want to take that Bali trip. How will you get there?? Well there are so many different ways to get there. I will give you a few of my tips on how to make extra money to get you that dream holidays, car, house what ever it is you can do this. Do it for you and your family

Tips On Saving

1. Do a spring clean. Go through those cupboards, draws and boxes and put aside anything you may no longer want. Join a few local buy and sell groups and sell your products. Or the old fashioned way and have a garage sale. Set your self a goal and have everything you sell from your old items and put that towards your flights. Not only are you paying for your flights but your also having a spring clean win, win.

2. Deliver catalogues. Not the glamorous but if your like me and have made a New Years Pack with your self to loose the last 10kg then this is an incentive to not only get that extra money but to walk those last few kg's off.

3. Mystery Shopper. The easiest money you could make. I did this a few years ago. I got an extra $70 a week just by going on 4 Mystery Shops and it was fun and i got to keep the products i had to buy. This is a fun way to get some extra money and it only took me a few hours a week.

4. Cut back. No brainer i know but it is hard. We loved eating out and buying nice things. But we soon realised we love travelling and yes we have nice things but its not all about that any more for us we we cut back from going out every Saturday night, buying a round of drinks for our friends and we started to notice the savings. Just think do you really need that extra shower cap at $35.. yes this was my turning point lol.

5. Party Plan, Craft Items etc. Yes this can work. If your into craft why not sell your items, create a business facebook page and start selling or head to your markets once a week to drum up some new business to. Party Plan is a great way to get those last $$ you need on your spending money. Join a company that you already love. So if you love jewellery there are several that you can have a look at. Create your business page on facebook and your on your way.

So there you have it Tips for Travelling On A Budget.

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