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Starting 2017 right??

But how you might say??

Here are a few of my Tips that can help you.

1. You need to have goals. This year i have 6 in Business and 7 in Personal. This ranges from having a certain amount of followers on Instagram, Facebook, New Clients, Weight loss Goals etc.

So set your self some business and personal goals and jump to the next step.

2. Once you have your goals you then need to figure out how you are going to get there. I divided mine up for the whole year into 3 month blocks. So for the first 3 months i might want 500 Instagram followers, then for the next 3 months after that i might want 700 etc. So by the end of the year i might want 1000. Do this for all of your goals.

3. Now on a new page write down how you are going to get that. For me my Instagram is working well for me getting new clients so i will continue with what i am doing by posting 3 times a day, giving content that can help potential clients and by showing a snippet into my life. Write down for all goals how you are going to achieve it. If you are not sure please feel free to contact me.

4. Only work on 1, 3 month block at a time. Dont worry about getting your 1000 Instagram followers by December, worry about getting your 500 by March etc.

5. Make it fun. There is no use having a goal if your not going to work your butt off to get it.

Last year i had one major goal and it was a personal goal of loosing weight, i ended up loosing 30kg and beating my PCOS. For me sticking to this goal was far more important then anything else. So make goals you know that you truly want other wise you wont stick to it.

Bonus tip. What is your why?? Why do you want 1000 Followers on Instagram, why do you want 30 new clients each quarter?? knowing this will truly help you succeed.

Do you need help starting your 2016 off right?? Contact me on Facebook and Instagram at Smart Social Online or email

Until next week Socialites.


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