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You've given your self a dead line and you have to finish it!!! Other wise the world might end, right?? But there is that little voice saying " mummy can I have cuddles on the lounge " or " mummy can I have something to eat " you feel so guilty for saying " just 5 more minutes " well I know I do. It can be hard for an at home business mum to get those dead lines met, and the final touches done.



I wanted to share with you my tips on having a productive day even with a toddler hanging on to my every move.

1. Include them with what you are doing. Most of my things are done at my office desk, air conditioner on and laptop in front of me. Instead of him climbing all over me I set up a little desk for him in the office with his own little laptop ( don't stress its a leap frog interactive one )But to him he's copying mummy. He can sit there for a good 30 minutes at a time. If i am going to be longer in the office I will bring some healthy snacks in, colouring inn books and pencils etc think of quiet activities for them to do. If you have someone who likes to mimic you then get them some craft scissors, get them some glue Just make sure you include them.

2. Choose your time wisely. My almost 4 year old no longer has a sleep during the day so this is where i found it really hard as i could normally get 2 hours of work done uninterrupted. Now for me my husband is a snorer so by 5am i am awake as i literally can not stand it any more!! So at 5am to 6.30am i am on the computer getting it done. Yes i am tired by 9pm hence me going to bed early every night but at least i can do my work first thing in the morning then have the rest of the day with out having to yell, or not be able to play with my child. So choose a time that suits you, yours could be from 7pm to 9pm. Don't worry that TV show will still be there.

3. Put your child into day care. I am so fully aware that parents don't like to do it and that is totally fine. Here is why i do it. Every Monday Preston will go into day care. from 8am to 5pm. He honestly loves it. He also has the cutest friendship with one of the little boys its adorable. But while he is at kindy i know that he is happy and learning new things and not being stuck at home. Monday is my doing day i literally don't stop other than to eat. So for 8 hours a week i can get every single thing done. I map out what i am doing for that whole day. So come the rest of the week i can do things with Preston, go to the shops, theme parks etc. Yes it can be stressful to leave your child but i promise as long as you find a great day care to watch them even if its a few hours at a time you will learn to love Mondays!!! I know i do.

4. Preston is not a craft kid. He will loose interest straight away. So i had to come up with something that he loves doing, and will play with for more then 5 minutes at a time. Insert his favourite toys The Avengers. I will set up a little play station ( this is where my family day care days of being a carer come in handy ) for him to play in. So last week as it was so hot we set up a bucket of water out the back and he played in that with his figurines for a good hour. I was able to finish 2 blogs and schedule 3 emails. My point, use their favourite toys and make it look fun and enticing.

5. Have your own set time. Each Tuesday is our grocery shopping day. We live 25 minutes out of town so we don't get to go out as much as we like. So every Tuesday is mummy and Preston's day. We are gone by 8.30am head in for some breakfast at a local coffee shop, we then head to the shopping centre and we have a look at the toy shop, clothes shop pretty much what ever he wants to look at. We then go do our shopping. This little activity gives me a good 4 hours of just us time doing things together. It might not be shopping for you, you could go to the local play centre, a mums group, friend catch ups, bounce city and even the movies. Do something you both might like.

How do you like those tips??

This works for us and for the last 4 years of being an at home business mum has taught me anything, its to always keep your children happy, busy, full of food and to be there when they truly need it.

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Natasha xo

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