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When I started Smart Social Online back in October I had a business plan in mind that of course I thought was awesome!!


I am sure everyone has that in their head. Although I knew my stuff when it came to my business product it was just a matter of putting everything together and working out what worked for me and my audience.

Start of December I decided that I wanted to do a mini tour. An idea that was created by the help of a really good friend, who has helped me every step of the way. Thank You Leanne.

Ok back to the topic of Events. We both thought this was a great idea and I went ahead and started to organise the content, the locations, venues and the hotels I would need.

I decided on 4 locations. Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Dalby and of course Toowoomba.

I am not sure why I chose 4 locations but I knew that these were the places I wanted to get in too.

I chose to have no more than 10 people in each location, I wasn’t going for maximum numbers but more so to be able to reach and be able to talk to every single person while doing the event.

Here are my top tips on getting your event to the right people.

1.      Create an event in Facebook and boost that out. I spent $40 over 2 weeks boosting to my 4 locations. Make sure when setting up your event it is done through you facebook page, you have a easily to read cover page and you fill out the information section so people know what you are all about through the event description. I suggest also posting daily, leading up to the event about a week out.

2.       Have a cover photo on your facebook business page. Clearly stating what you are doing etc here is mine I used


3.       Although you have boosted out the event page, not everyone will see it so I joined a few of the business groups in the area that I was going. I am certain most of my spots were taken from people through the Facebook groups I advertised in.

4.       Set your price to be reasonable. I did two prices. An early bird pricing and a normal price. My tickets were $20 early bird or $25 after. I sold more on the more expensive price.

5.       I used “ Eventbrite “ as my host to purchase tickets on. Although they were easy I am certain I would just use bank transfer next time.

How Did I Go??

Now my main objective to doing the events was to get more clients all over hence the choice of the 4 locations.

In Toowoomba I sold 8 tickets

In Hervey Bay I sold 11

In Bundaberg I sold 5

In Dalby I sold 4

I don’t at all look at these numbers and think OMG I failed. I look at them and think that is 28 more people I have helped with their social media then I did a week before hand.

I had so much fun getting to know each and everyone of the wonderful business owners that brought my tickets.

My Thoughts On Events

I honestly loved travelling and leaving everything else behind for the week. I was able to re connect with my business and refresh me. Which is always a good thing.

I decided for Hervey Bay and Toowoomba to do one on one instead of a group setting. Reason being is that in both locations the tickets were purchased from companies or joint businesses rather than sole owners eg Hervey bay one company brought 5 tickets etc. So I thought it would be better to do the one on one to tailor the training to their business.

In Bundaberg and Dalby I had so much fun sharing in a group setting. I loved that I was able to incorporate the training and made sure I knew all about the guests business’s before we all started. That way I was still able to do my presentation but also give them ideas along the way.

I would for sure do another set of Events absolutely. It opened up my eyes to so many different businesses that are out there, and I met so many amazing women and men who want to learn more about Social Media.

So watch this space really soon.

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