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Have you ever felt like your not doing a good enough job leading your team??


I am about to give you some tips on how you can lead your team to success, and allow you to be the best boss you can ever be.

I have worked since i was about 13 years old, whether it be in my parents shop as a teenager or my first real job outside of the family at 16. I started working young and i am truly great ful that i did. But starting young i have seen a lot that can go wrong. Bosses yelling at you, making you feel like crap, to bosses who care about how you feel, make you apart of the family the list is endless. So today i am sharing with you tips on how you can lead your team to feeling like that are worth something, feeling like they belong and a part of the family.

1. The old saying goes you need to treat people the exact same way you want to be treated. I had a boss who would ring me up and yell at me for the most stupidest reasons like where is the paper work, why didn't you get the sale the list honestly goes on. But then an hour later would ring me back and apologize. I mean my respect for her went out the door the 1st time she did this and every time i would see her name come up on my phone i resented it a little more each time. So be nice to your employees. Speak to them with respect, dignity, after all they are helping you build your business and your brand.

2. Show kindness. This one is hard if you lead a huge team but with my team being over 100 there is no way i can afford all of those gifts each month. So come up with a way you can. For me i do the top 10 each month. But it may not just be in sales. You could give a gift to someone who has tried so hard this month but didn't quite make it, or someone who you saw was helping a team member out. In most cases the top 10 will always be the same people in $$ wise so mix it up. But showing kindness means you care and respect that person and are fully appreciative of what they are doing for you, and your team. A little gift can mean the world to somebody.

3. Lead by example. This is a big one on being a better leader. I notice that when i am down in my business or let's be honest just want a breather the team suffers to. So i have to make sure as a leader i am always 100% happy, and ready to take action at any point in time. So share what you are doing in your business the team will follow you and match you. By leading the team, the team will follow you making your business even more successful.

4. Don't push your team to hard. This has happened to me where i had a leader who i felt was bullying me into being something that i never wanted to be. All because that was how they expected everyone to be that were leaders in their team. Which is fine but because they pushed the wrong way and got cranky over it i started to push away, started to not want to be involved within their group and really started to not feel like i was wanted but rather felt like i was just a number to them. So by pushing me far to hard and not understanding that it wasn't for me i let that part of my business go. Now this took me a good year to actually get over this as it had such a negative impact on my business and my team. The whole thing was totally unnecessary and could have been avoided. My point! yes you should push people to a point as some people do need that little bit of a push, but don't push people so hard they crack, break and fall off the cliff. Know your boundaries.

5. Be present. There is nothing worse then waiting days to get a reply. I am not saying you need to have your phone with you at all times. I will normally give them an hour from receiving the text to answering. Reason being is that in most cases they took that intuitive and found the answer. By having that hour wait each time it not only reduces my in box and my time on the phone as they normally will get the picture after a few msgs, but it makes them realise they can find the answer if they look just that little bit harder.

6. Boundaries. Have you set yours??? For my team people know that i am a nanna and will go to bed by 9pm. So msging me after that you will then have to wait the whole night and morning before i write back. So in your team description in your group, or in your emails, office notice board etc put your after hours you are open for contact etcMine is 9pm to 7am where i have put my phone to no longer give me notifications during those times. I love it, its the best thing. It gives me time to relax time for my family and I to. If you havent set your contact times before.

So there you have 6 ways to knock the socks off your employees

These are simple steps to follow to give respect to your team, and have them do the same.

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Thank You So Much Natasha.

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