How To Style Your Facebook Business Page

Stuck on ideas on how you can make your

Facebook page pop?

Follow this guide on how you can start gaining new customers just by how your Facebook business page looks.

Facebook Business Page

Tip One

You need to have a personal "Profile Picture" it needs to be professional, appealing and on point with who you are as a brand.

Take a look at the images below. One is a professional looking Facebook Profile picture and the other is a random photo. I am not saying that this suits everybody but think about your brand if you are fun and loving then show that off, you do not want to use the 2nd picture or a motivational picture, or product picture. I truly believe that people buy from people they trust. Showing off a picture that has you in it will be much better.

Facebook Business Page

Tip Two

Your Facebook Cover Photo is another super important thing you need to get right for your page. Think of your cover photo as your best piece of real estate. It's a million dollar house and you need to make that sign AMAZING!

So use this as your call to action. Think about what you are trying to do within your business. For me, i truly love being able to share my Facebook business group so I promote that 90% of the time.

So what do you want more email subscribers?? if so what are you going to give them? if they subscribe. Do you want more referrals? offer a freebie to anyone who refers a friend.

I have a rule for all my pages and clients that every 2 weeks I will swap and change all cover photos. Other wise for repeat customers it could get boring. Spice it up a little.

Tip Three

You need to have your TABS in order. There is nothing I hate more than seeing your                   " posts tab " which is the most important tab write down the bottom with 10 other tabs above it. This means that your followers and potential buyers have to scroll through a lot of unnecessary content to get to your posts.

If you need extra help on fixing your TABS, please refer back to my previous blog post to get some extra tips Are You Doing These 5 Steps When Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Tip Four

You should always have a pinned post on your Facebook Business Page!

This is so important. In most cases, this is the 1st thing people see when they scroll on your page! remember it takes 7-seconds for someone to like or dislike your page. So you can either have a LIVE video of you introducing your self and who you are and what your business is about which is best! or you can have a written intro and not just a hi, how are you. It needs to be rocking!!! add some personality, add your website, any links, and a photo. People want to see who you are. 

Tip Five

Have you come up with a brand for your business yet? I'm not talking about the products you sell but how you represent them. For me, I started to notice a pattern where if I posted hot looking guys that were doing quirky different things I got lots of interaction. So I now do this each time I announce a new social media info post. For me, this is because I know the audience by using my insights and I guess a little stalking from people who do like and comment on my posts. But it works! so know your branding. For me, this is my Facebook branding machine and I use it daily.

facebook business page

Have you joined my Facebook Group Socially Smart Business Club yet? It is full of tips, insights and you get to find out all the latest Social Media changes. See you in there.

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