5 Facebook Post Ideas for The Beauty Industry

Are you stuck on ideas of what you could be posting if you're in the beauty industry?

It can be hard to come up with different ideas, photos, and captions each day.

Let us help you by giving you 5 ideas that you can post on your Facebook Business Page today.

1. Live Hair Tutorials.

We would all love to know the trade secrets on how to get that perfect curl. So why don't you show us? Doing Live videos not only boosts your page presence and reach, but it can be a way for potential clients to connect with you. Show them how to use the GHD to create that perfect curl, or how to style bangs!

Try to boost your Live videos as often as possible. Facebook loves Live videos so promoting them to the right people is a great way to gain new followers and potential clients alike.

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2. Promote A Staff Member

Did you know people are more likely to buy from people they know and can connect with? Once a week, post a photo of a staff member and ask them questions to create engaging content. It could be as simple as how long they’ve been in the industry or what is their favourite hair trend right now.

Focus on questions that your clients will want to know the answers to. Once you've introduced all of your staff start again but this time change it up and do Live "get to know you" videos.

3. Promote Your Products

Why do you use the type of products you use on your clients' hair? What products do you offer that your clients can take home to receive the same amazing results you give them?  Pick a product or range each week to showcase on your page. You can do this in lots of different ways from photos, videos, and Live videos to customer reviews. 

Show these products being used on the hair too – people want to see results. Try not to promote your highest priced items first as people will be less inclined to buy. Build trust with customers and show them a range of products that you can offer them. 

4. Funny Disaster Stories

People love to see the weird and the wacky. Why not post 80s hairstyles or colour trends that should never happen? I remember seeing a video of a young lady showing us how to curl her hair and she accidentally burnt her whole fringe off!

Yes, it's sad but many people will be able to relate to the fear of making a mistake themselves. You’ll also get a laugh out of many people, which always encourages interaction. When sharing videos like this, it’s best to share from Facebook directly, as YouTube is a 3rd party platform, plus, when you share straight from Facebook your videos may automatically play!


5. Before and After Photos

I’ve saved the best for last. People want to see what you offer and how they could look after a visit to you. Every client that you give a major transformation to is an opportunity to take some great before and after shots.

This is the biggest tip I can give you. It's what I want to see as a customer, and it's about creating a story for your potential clients. They could be feeling down about their hair but you’re showing them that it's okay to come in as they are because they will leave looking like this!

Bonus Tip

I encourage you not to tell people you have last minute appointments available.  I feel like it's verging on begging. This can work if you're a really big or busy salon that is booked to the max every day – your clients need to know when a time becomes available if you have a long waiting list. Otherwise, try not to do this often

So, there you have it – my  ideas on what you as a beauty business should be posting on your Facebook Business Pages.

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