How To Create A Brand For Your Facebook Business Page

Think you're missing out on having an awesome Facebook Business Page, but not sure where to start?

Take a look at our top tips below to get your Facebook Page back on track.

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Know your colors! You need to come up with colors that suit you and your business. For me I started with blue, not sure why I just liked it! 2 months in I started to use my pinks and grays. Now I stick with that as not only do I love it but it is now my branding I will always use and people are used to seeing it.

Remember it's not about the colors that you entirely like. Think about your ideal customer
- are they older?
- are they younger?
- Is your product for new mums?
- Is it for professional businesses?

Grab your ideal customer and think about it. If your ideal customer is older you are not going to do bright colors, if they are a professional they will most likely like warmer colors. Having the right colors is so important in any branding.

Once you have your colors, then you can start to change your marketing materials and your logo.

Step TWO

Who do you want to be known as? The one who has great products but has no idea how to post on social media or the one that is amazing at doing social media and has the knowledge to do so?

You need to learn how to take better photos. Time and time again I see everyone using blurry photos, bits cut off and just looking really unprofessional. You don't want that. Remember there are 10 other people that are selling the exact same thing as you! stand out!!!

Think outside the box. For me, I use my flatlays. Now I am not clever enough to create my own so I purchase them from a lady over seas. But everyone knows me for the flatlays on Instagram. I use my pink and gray in them and it works. So when choosing photos make sure they are 100% perfect. You want to be known for having amazing photos!

You want to show off you and your business the right way.

facebook branding


Think about how you are writing. Now for me, this is a big one, I do not claim to be the best writer with using the right grammar and I have had 2 people tell me so!

But you know what to me that is fine I am not perfect and if people are going to not work with me because I have spelling mistakes! or I use too many of these !! and these ?? then so be it! It's me and that is how it's going to be. So don't try to be anything you are not!

Trying to be 100% perfect stresses me out and takes far too much time to go over it all. I will say though be sure to re read your writing to make sure there aren't any major mistakes in them and that it makes sense. This is so important when boosting your ads etc.


Your biggest tool is YOU. Add in your own personality quirks. If you love dressing in bright colored clothing then show that off in your brand. Don't be shy. People love seeing the real YOU. If you love to swear then why not put that in if you love to dance incorporate that. People buy from people they know.

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If you would like more tips on how you can create the perfect atmosphere for your Social Media profiles be sure to add your self to our free Facebook Group Socially Smart Business Club


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