5 Steps To Creating A Womens Network

We all have friends and family who are there to support us but at the end of the day they just don't get you, they don't understand why you are putting so much effort into something that could potentially fail.

I had that, I had the negative nancy's telling me it won't work, you can't do this. It made me think that I can't and what the hell am I doing.

I had a thought one day that I needed to find a new group of friends, someone who will get me, who will listen and be able to bounce ideas off from.

I created A place for business women to come together, explore new things and to get out of their busy lifestyles for just a few hours a month.

The Ladies Stepping Out Lifestyle

toowoomba womens network

If you too are feeling like this then read on to find out how I now have real friends who care enough to ask how I am and real friends who inspire me each and every day.

Be Different

1. You need to do what no one else is doing, pick your niche so for me it was business women and run with it. I didn't just want the catching up over coffee, I wanted the ladies to step out of their business world and do something for them. We have done a Paint and Sip, Exercise Classes and coming up we will be going to the spa, dinner at a magical location and much more.

Spread The Word

2. People will not go if you don't do any advertising. I used my existing Smart Social Online business page but have now moved to our new location

The Ladies Stepping Out Lifestyle

Create events and share them in local business groups, local mum groups etc. You have to be willing to spread the word other wise no body will come.

Know Your Market

3. For me it is Business Women, it's for women who are super busy running their businesses that they dont have time for them. For you it might be a mothers group, or a book club etc. If you know who you are catering for then it is easier to market to them when advertising and coming up with new ideas for them to do etc.

Be Open For New Things

4. Be open to try new things, you could have an adventurous bunch of women. So to keep it fresh and exciting be sure to come up with ways that put you and them out of their comfort zones, for me recently it was a painting session. Now i am no artist at all but i still had a great time and i can tell that its a butterfly on a flower instead of a random painting. Be willing to have fun.

Your Group May Not Be For Everyone

5. At first i got a little upset when ladies who had previously shown up didn't attend again. But i then thought that maybe it just wasn't the right fit for them. That is totally ok. Your creating an atmosphere of women who want to be there, who love being out and getting to know you. So don't take it to heart run with it.


If you are thinking of creating a Womens Network group I say DO IT! It is honestly the best thing I have done for me and my business.

I have created so many great new friends who I would never of met if I didn't.

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The Ladies Stepping Out Lifestyle

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