6 Ways To Gain Genuine Followers On Instagram

Instagram, there's no doubt about it!

It can be great for business.

How to gain instagram followers

But how can you get it to work for you? You've been posting your pictures, writing on other peoples posts and your just not getting any where!!!

Well there is a way that you can follow that will get you those genuine followers and proper engagement on your posts.

Although I don't have a big following on Instagram, I am ok with that! Why? Because most of the followers I do have are potential customers in my area. This is what you want, you want the locals to support you and for them to know who you are and make them remember you for future referrals, so although you can sell Australia or world wide it is still best to have that relationship with your local town.

So how are you going to gain the genuine followers. I will not claim to give you 100 genuine followers in a month, or in 7 days... in most cases they will never be genuine. Instead i am going to tell you how by following my steps you can create a fun loving, interactive Instagram account that people will love jumping on and having a chat, engaging and buy your product or service.

1. You need to set up your Instagram profile properly. Fill out all of your details in the bio, put a profile picture of you not your product and when filling out your bio be sure to make it fun and engaging. This will be the first stop for your followers to look at so make it stand out. Don't forget to put in your website and contact details.

2. You need to come up with a theme. Now this is personal choice but hear me out. When i first started Instagram i was just posting any random thing i could find, fast forward a few months and i soon clicked on that having a theme is 1000 times better. By theme i mean having it all in order, so take a look at mine Smart Social Online Instagram account you can see that i have mine all in order, but scroll down to the bottom and you will see how terrible it looks. As soon as i changed and made the posts more appealing to everyone my engagement and followers doubled within the first month. So i am not saying you have to set it out like mine with a theme but when posting think about what you are posting about, does it fit into your business brand. Post things with meaning.

3. Instagram is all about the image. You have to stand out from far more people then you do on Facebook so make sure your images are clean, crisp and well amazing!!! I use Pexels for most of my images they get updated daily and our professional quality.

4. I get asked this question all the time. How often should i post. I really dont think there is a right answer, what works for me may not work for you. But do keep this in mind. I post 3 times a day 7am, 12.30 and 5.30. Why? they are the most popular times when looking at my Insights on instagram ( yes you should be doing this to ) So by me posting at my 3 popular times i am getting more engagement and the more my post gets with interaction the better it is for the post it self in reaching my followers news feeds. So i would say YES to posting every single day no matter what, if you can great post twice a day. Work your way up to the 3 as it can annoy some. Remember there are scheduling apps like buffer and planoly that you can use.

5. Hashtags. This is the number one thing that you HAVE to do every single time. Now for me i took about 3 weeks to find the perfect combination. I havent changed mine for about 2 months and i most likely wont until i notice a decline in interaction etc. So here is my rule that i use on my clients. 10, 10 and 10 rule. You can use 30 hashtags in every post. So the 10, 10 and 10 rule comes into play for every post i do. 10 local hashtags, 10 Business hashtags and 10 hashtags that represent the products in the photo. Refer to the example below. Aim to get over 50 likes and several genuine interaction on your posts. Yes you will get spam but you cant help that just ignore it.

The hashtags i would use for this photo are!

10 Local Hashtags. - I wont list mine, but when doing this type your home town in. So eg Toowoomba. You will find that Instagram will generate hashtags for you. So choose the ones that best represent your town. If you cant find 10 go to the next town within a 2 hour radius.

10 Business Hashtags - So for me being a social media manager i would use. #socialmedia #socialmediatips #digitalmarketing #blogger #smartsocialonline #natashakrahenbring etc. so i do the hashtags that represent my business. I always use my business name and my personal name as well.

10 Image Hashtags - So looking at this photo i would use #bathroom #mirror #decor #bathroomrenovations #towels etc. Go through your picture and use those hashtags with which ones best suit what your image is about.

instagram tips

6. Interact with other businesses and followers. I never follow those who follow me unless i find it interesting and something i want to see etc. You dont have to follow this rule of course. But a few nights a week i will go and search for my local hashtags and write genuine comments on other businesses in the area. By doing this i gained a new client. My comments are always genuine and proper and nothing like some of the scam ones you see. But doing this you will always get a like or a thank you from that business. But they will also remember you for future referrals. So this is a must to making your account genuine.

So there you have it. My 6 tips on how to gain genuine followers. It wont happen over night but at least you know that you are gaining new followers that are potential customers for the future.

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