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These days posting on your Social Media accounts seems like a chore! am I right?

Life was meant to be made easy so luckily enough some very smart people have created the answer we have all been needing! Scheduling Programs.

The easiest and fastest way to schedule your posts on all Social Media platforms.

Not sure which one is right for you, never fear i have done all the checking for you. Read on to read the pros and cons of each platform. Note this is my own personal opinion.

How Do I Pick The Right Scheduling App For My Business


What Platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin & Google +.

Pros - Easy to use, can use one post on different platforms all at once, automatic posting with no hassles ( instagram not included in automatic posting )

Cons - No grid for Instagram,

Why I Like It - It is super easy to use, i usually will set it up on the desk top, great pricing.

Why I Dont Like It - i like having the Instagram grid to use to map out my photos.

Price - Free for one account per month with up to 10 postings, other wise i pay $10 a month for 10 accounts and 100 scheduled posts. There are 4 other plans.



What Platforms - Instagram

Pros - Grid gallery

Cons - None that i can see

Why I Like It - I use this to schedule my Instagram accounts. Its super easy to use, has a mobile app, easy to swap between other Instagram accounts that i use as well. You can insert Hashtags super easy and it auto generates the hashtags like Instragram does. This is the best feature especially when i look after so many accounts.

Why I Dont Like It - Hmm i honestly had to think about this one. The only thing i could say is i randomly set my times to post. But if i have it set for say 8am and i post it at 7.30am it will still alert me to say i need to post. Its not really a fault at all.

Price - Free for the first 30 each month. You can pay $7 a month for unlimited, or $19 a month for 2 instagram accounts at $19.


Meet Edgar

What Platforms - Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Pros - Has a content library meaning you only need to upload your content the once and choose a schedule to allow Edgar to re post at a later time, you can set different days for your content to post eg blogs are on Tuesday so every Tuesday Edgar will re post a blog from your library saving you so much time, unlimited content posts.

Cons - Doesn't have Instagram scheduler.

Why I Like It -  I love the fact that you could spend a few hours setting up content at the start then not having to do it again with the re scheduler option that they have. I will 100% convert to MeetEdgar in the near future.

Why I Dont Like It - I was sold! While writing this piece for you BUT i love Instagram and spend so much time perfecting it, so by not having Instagram it was a bit of a let down. The other thing is the price! Which i will get to next there is such a huge difference between the yearly and monthly plan.

Price - $79 a month unlimited posting or $588 for the year which equates to $49 a month. Such a big difference well for me especially for those that are just starting out. But i do feel it would pay for it self in the long run with saving you on time. This price is also US so it is a little expensive for us Australians!

Meet Edgar


What Platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google +, Linkedin.

Pros - Easy access to every social media platform which is a + in my book. If you have a team anyone can log in and use the dashboard to reply to any content on any platform, this is great if you dont allow staff to be on facebook, instagram during the day but instead they can use the dashboard to reply win win! pre save written responses which makes it easier for you when running a business.

Cons - The layout for me was nothing something that i would really like to use each day.

What I Like - I love how you can schedule to all platforms like facebook, ,twitter and especially Instagram.

What I Dont Like - Its not user friendly, theres no real character to it all. I want to feel excited when posting but i was put off by the lack of feeling i had while using Hootsuite.

Price - They do have a free option it gives you 3 profiles but is limited to how you post, the next plan up the Professional is $12.99 a month with 10 profiles and unlimited postings or the Team option will cost you $44.99 a month with up to 20 profiles, unlimited posts and up to 3 different users. There are 2 other options at higher rate.


Post Planner

What Platforms - Facebook and Twitter with Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and Google + Coming Soon!

Pros - You can browse feeds that are connected with your industry, so for me Social Media. I can then browse the most popular questions, statements etc to then give me ideas on things to post. It also has a library so you can add in all of your content, it has algorithms that know the best time to post each type of content. You can either set your own time and posts for schedule or let Post Planner do all that hard work for you. You can post to groups as long as you are admin.

Cons - Waiting on Instagram, then i actually think i would join!

What I Like - Having the added help on what to post for my industry will be a huge help, the library where you can add in all of your content and use again and again is a massive time saver.

What I Dont Like - I would love to see Instagram on there being that it is one of the platforms i use.

Price - Starting from $11 a month you can get 10 profiles and up to 100 posts per day, jump to $24 a month and have 25 profiles and 250 posts per day sent out. I actually thought the pricing was reasonable. If you pay yearly there are discounts.

Post Planner


So have you chosen the best one that will suit your business yet?

Most of the above had a free 30 day trial, so why not trial them all out and choose the best one that suits you.

Also note that Platforms with Instagram do not automatically post for you. The scheduler will alert you on the phone app, and then in most cases you push yes to post to Instagram, then click paste ( it saves your comment etc ) and it is done in two steps! So still super easy but at this stage Instagram do not allow automatic posting on any platform.








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