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We all know that to make a car run smoothly and efficient we have to check under the hood a few times to make sure everything is a OK!

Facebook is pretty much the same thing. You need to check the inside of how your Facebook is working, making sure its moving at the fastest speed possible and to avoid in hiccups.

So how do you check your Facebook Insights to see how everything is going??

Step One - Go to your business page, and right up the top in the middle click on Insights. Below is what your screen will look like once you click on it.


Step Two - On the left hand side you can see the Menu for you to decide on what to look at etc. Each page gives you a different insight, so be sure to check all of them and then decide which ones are right for you to look at etc.

So you know how to get to your Insights, but not what to use all of this mumbo jumbo for.

Over View Page - This page is the page you see above. It is a great way to see all in one spot how your post are actually doing with reach and engagement etc. You may need to scroll a little to see this section. As you can see by the example below. They are doing a great job!! But if your reach and engagement are not so great BUT another post you did was awesome then do more of those posts.


Posts - This is something everyone should know. So each week Facebook will update your Insights with the best time to post to your page. The big mountain picture you see if you hover your mouse over it, it will actually bring up the times for you. So for me my best times to post are 8am and 5pm. So choose the best time for you that your followers will be online.



People - Another important page to check. This will tell you all about your followers. Age, Location etc It's important to know this so you can tailor your posting to everyone. For me i have way more females so i 99% of the time will do a picture and post geared toward them. After all they are my target market.


So do you feel confident enough to get out there and make your Facebook Business Page even better!!!

Although there are other pages you can view i feel that these ones are the most important to start with.

Just remember you've got this.

If you need help please feel free to comment below

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