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Social Media!! Social Media!!

Social Media!!

We all have to use it at some point to better our businesses!! But which one to choose. Do you go with Facebook?? the platform that every man and his dog is on or do you go say Twitter where yes its popular    but a totally different ball game.. think NRL to Softball...

So how do you choose which one is right for you and your business?? Here is some insight.......


Firstly, as a business owner my self and someone who works in the industry, you don't have to DO IT ALL!!!! Do not try and keep up with the Kardashians or is that the Joneses?? But you know what I mean, right? Do what works for you!!!!

Ok! lets get into the nitty gritty!!!

Facebook - So i do feel that YES you do need Facebook but at the same time you may not.. ok now im confusing my self, let me explain. Facebook YES will get you noticed but you have to keep up with it at least twice a day to even be seen. If your just starting out in most cases you will have to pay to boost your page.. unless you have an awesome following and people are begging you to start a page to keep up to date. But there is a down side. If you dont keep up with your page people will loose interest, and Facebook bless their little soles wont make their little magic fairies do their magic and share your page with your followers as much as someone who is posting twice a day and gaining that reach. You have to stand out from everyone especially if your in an already over crowded niche ie Cafe's, want help in standing out head on over to our free facebook training page and get all the tips you need, click on the link below Socially Smart Business Club also google will favour you more with having a facebook account. So do set it up and get one of your staff to post on there on your behalf, who wouldn't love to come to work and post on Facebook.. heck i know i would..  ohh wait i already do that.

Instagram - This is my favourite!! Instagram is all about your images and hashtags, without mastering those two things you might as well go home now. Im kidding. So your images. They have to stand out!!!! just think you are competing with a million other people using those same hashtags as you so choose bright coloured images that match your theme to your business. Hashtags you want to be able to use the hashtags that represent you!! nail this and Bob's your uncle. Do you need to be on Instagram?? no its not for everyone i think if you have a product to sell then hell yes, but if your an accountant maybe not so much but hey i am not here to judge.

Pinterest - Hmm not my favourite lol but i do use it. Its a great tool to bring my blogs some readers.. So Pinterest its all about pinning, pinning, pinning.. what the hell is a pin you say!! Facebook you can like, love, sad face etc Instagram you double tap on the screen and you have loved heart the heck out of a picture. Pinterest is pins, so if you want it saved to visit later or share on your page then you pin it. Its super simple. Pinterest is great for linking your website to. So each time i do a blog i will upload the picture i used in that blog and put it on Pinterest, using lots of key words of course and putting the link back to my website so people can read the blog. Done. Not all businesses need this. For me personally i use it for inspo so cake making, craft ideas etc and most people do to. So really think about your market and if its actually needed. Or you can do what i do and use it to link back to everything on my website.

Twitter - Umm.. unless your a celebrity then no. Ok i shouldn't say that its just my personal opinion of the little blue bird. Ive used it and because i am not passionate about it at all i never really cared to take any more interest. It can work don't get me wrong but i can not explain anything that i can do in 140 characters or less!!!!! Twitter is not for every business, but if you are in the media industry, your own personal identity then yes sure go ahead and use it.

Youtube - I love Youtube, it allows me to get in front of the camera, make my self up from the top half.. what! as if you put pants on while doing videos pfft! Youtube is all about being your self and getting your brand out there. Set your self up an account, and you can do videos for demo's, weekly Vlog!! yes thats what they call it and so much more. The good thing about Youtube is with everything that you say they are your key words that link back to your business, but the even better part is the back end of Youtube. You can actually put in your Captions from what you are talking about, yes this can take me about 30 minutes and is the worst job ever. But once done this will work better then any other platform... in my opinion of course. So when you search for Smart Social Online, or Social Media Toowoomba... i should come up with my Youtube account before any other social media platform.. in most cases y website is just above it or sometimes on a big win video it will be below it. It is my number one tool on getting people coming back over to my Facebook and Instagram account. So should you have Youtube?? I am certain every business should have Youtube 100%.

So that was a lot to take in right?? My task to you is to choose TWO Social Media Platforms and master them before doing Ten others. You will confuse, bombard and give up all together if you do to many. So if you sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and create that Facebook account, Twitter account what ever it is, make sure it's right four your business.

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