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Are you like me who think of 100 different things you want to do within your own business, but just not sure what to do?? You are not alone!!!!!


Since i was in my teens i always knew what i wanted to be in life, and that was to be a mum. I loved kids and i couldn't wait. But life happens you find out that you have fertility issues and you need to save for IVF and you then have to wait 3 years to even understand what your body is doing and come to terms with, you may never have a baby. I bet your asking why i am talking about babies right now ha!!!

Well if it wasn't for all of the issues we had in trying to get pregnant, and then defying all the medical gods and conceive semi naturally then it would never of given me the courage, the determination to start my own business. Take that leap of faith and start NOW!!

2015 was a big year for me i decided to go back to work full time. after 3 long years of being home with my little miracle ( yes this is how i refer to him ) So in August i got my dream job. I loved everything about it but i still felt like something was missing. I was treated poorly by the owner if something went wrong i was yelled at and overall it was just far to stressful.

So i started to come up with ideas on what i

could do to make me happy.

I started to think about how business people needed help on social media but didnt just want to be trained but to have someone actually do it for them. So Smart Social Online was created. I just went for it. Here are my tips on how i knew it was right!

1. Give your self a dead line. I had one week!! yes i know that is not much time but i had my heart set on launching straight away. So i put Preston in to child care for a week and basically lived for that week building my website, ideas, blogs, facebook page and instagram page. I honestly didn't sleep that whole week. No word of a lie. I was exhausted. But you know what it didn't kill me and i made my dead line. At the end of that week i was so damn proud of my self for pushing my self to the limit and doing it all.

2. What do you have to loose?? We were not in the financial position for me not to be working but my lovely husband still allowed me to follow my dreams. We like to travel so i knew i had to work my butt off to succeed just so we could get out over seas trips in each year. So i knuckled down, i got the job done and it has all worked out.

3. You will be a stronger person because of it. I shock my self every day i am in business. I have done things i never thought possible from creating my own website, getting out into the community, creating a 2nd business for at home business woman, creating new friendships and so much more. If i fail 3, 6 or 12 months i will know that i did my best and lived every moment. That is what it is all about.

4. Why Not!!! I mean why not start now. There has never been a better time. Start small create that blog, create your facebook and instagram accounts. You don't have to tell friends and family until you are ready to. You truly don't know what will happen tomorrow so i say jump!!! and go for it.

So there you have it my tips on why taking that jump and letting everything just fall into place.

Now i know things can and most likely will go wrong but if you work hard, believe in your self and your product there is no room to fail.

Have you followed me on Facebook and Instagram yet?? Smart Social Online.

Thanks so much Natasha.

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