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So your stuck!!! Your literally looking at the computer and thinking " OMG what do i write " Hey we have all been there trust me!!!


So i thought it was super important to give you an insight on the things that i post,

and show my clients to post.

So here are my 10 ideas on how you can rock your Facebook Posts.

  1. Product Photos - You should be posting at least every second day a product that your business sells. You don't want to bombard people with it every single day. Be sure to use crisp, clean images and professional looking photos.
  2. A Personal Photo Of You - People want to know who they are buying from, so make it a habit of showing your self a few times a week. It could be of what you are eating for lunch, what you are currently doing right now, where you are heading to etc.
  3. A Picture Of The Nature - Not kidding. A picture of a sky, sun, clouds, trees etc will most certainly allow your customers to reach and and like your photo and share it. Do this once a week at a different location. I guarantee you that you will get interaction.
  4. Post A Selfie - Post your own selfie and ask your followers to do the same.
  5. Cooking Post - What are you having for dinner.
  6. What's Your Favourite TV Show Images - You want the most interaction possible so post a photo of an image saying " what's your favourite TV Show or Movie, Food etc this will get people commenting.
  7. Motivational Posts - Post a picture that is eye catchy that will give your readers some hope, wisdom and something that they might be able to connect with.
  8. Re Introduce Your Self - I would do this every 2nd week, especially if you are getting a lot of new followers each week from the awesome work you are doing. Don't forget that selfie to go with it.
  9. Share A Local Post - Get out into the community and start sharing what is happening. Each Friday i try and share something that is happening in my home town. You just share from that businesses page. This will also alert them that you have done so, and in turn they will either thank you or you have found your self a new liker.
  10. RINSE AND REPEAT- You cant expect all of your hard work to just happen the once. Your facebook page needs attention every single day, it is a lot of hard work, but if you keep at it, it can be truly rewarding and help your business A LOT!!!

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Thanks So much Natasha

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