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Having the right images is so super important, it helps you get your brand out there and will help you to make a name for your self.

All the images you see through the website, Instagram and Facebook are made through Canva.

Why Canva?

At first when i tried Canva i honestly didn't like it. It seemed way to hard and it took me about 5 tried before i realised that i 1. was doing it all wrong and 2. how to save the damn thing!! It honestly wasn't easy.

How To Get Started!

Head to the website

You will then need to sign in, now you can do this through your Facebook account or email this really doesn't matter.

This is where you choose which design you would like to work with.

I would choose wisely. So if you are just wanting a design for Facebook and Instagram then choose the " Social Media. "

As you can see there are over 30 different things you can choose.

The best part is that each one actually has different designs for each one you choose. So if you choose the Facebook cover photo, then choose the Youtube cover photo they will have different designs to choose from. I find this pretty cool.

Ok! The Fun Part!

So i will be working with the " Social Media Option "



When you are happy with your design continue on

Take note on the file that you save the photo in, mine goes to the download file yours might be pictures etc.

So now that you have a quick run down on how it all works, get creative. There are so many things you can do to now get your business out there.

Things To Know

1. You will notice that when you are selecting which design to work with that some will say

" FREE " and others will have " $$ " on the corner of them. The free ones are of course what you can use for free. The $$ ones are charged to you at $1. But i have never paid for any of the designs as there are so many to choose from.

2. Once you start making designs every time you sign back in you will see a button on the left that says " see all your designs " if you click this it will show everything that you have done. This is such a great tool as you can go back in and edit them when ever you like. Woo Hoo

What Now?

So i have shown you how to create beautiful pictures. You can create so many different things play around with it you cant go wrong. The only thing that changes is the design of the picture. All other aspects are in the same place like fonts, elements etc.

Ideas On What To Create

When i am choosing the right template and design to use i already have a clear image of what i want it to look like. I try and match what i am selling, trying to get across etc.

If you are a product based business then i want you to pick your favorite product from your collection and design a social media post for it. Remember to use nice colours, make sure its not blurry and make sure it looks beautiful. If you are not sure and you want a second opinion. Take a photo with it on your phone and post to the group so we can see and offer some help.

If you just want to post a happy random picture that is also fine. As i said every graphic you see on my social media platforms is made by Canva so have a play around with it.

Once you are finished be sure to upload it to the group so everyone can see.

Thanks so much guys good luck!!

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