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Hash Tags!! This is the most important part about Instagram, its the part that will get you those extra customers, extra potential buyers and so on. So how do you use them?

The important thing to remember with your hashtags are to use your local hashtags, use hashtags that represent your business this is truly important and the only way you will reach the people you are meant to.

Hashtags work so well for any business. It's as simple as clicking on the # on your mobile phone and then typing something after it when you are posting in Instagram.

You can search for hashtags that may suit your business by clicking on the magnifying glass on the bottom of the screen, then type in #christmas you will then see every single post in the world that has used the hashtag #christmas.

This is where you will find the right customers for you. So if your in beauty, you would do #toowoombabeauty this is going to show potential customers who is using Instagram to promote their business.

If they are like me i will check on Instagram far more then i do on Facebook. This is why its so important to do your local hashtags etc. Try another # search that suits your business and see how popular it is.

Key Things To Remember When Using Hashtags #

Try not to make the hashtags to long

Be creative stand out from the rest in your area

ALWAYS use your local hashtags and the town over

Don't go crazy on using 100 different hashtags, use the best say 25 that represent your business we don't want to seem to desperate to our potential customers

There you have it my tips on using Hashtags for Instagram. Feel free to tag me in your post by using the @ button @smartosocialonline

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