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We all know how Facebook just love to up their game, and I feel that they have with this new change.

Facebook LIVE, its been around since roughly August 2016 and has changed the way business's and i guess you, can interact with your customers and friends.

If you are not sure on how LIVE video's work please refer back to a previous blog i have written.

So now that you have caught up with everything LIVE lets get down to it.

Just quickly LIVE videos can help any business to connect, sell and interact with customers like they never have before. If you are not using LIVE you truly are missing out.


So The Big News!!!!

Facebook have now changed the algorithm to no longer push SHORT LIVE VIDEOS but now they will push LONG LIVE VIDEOS INSTEAD!!! this is a game changer in any business. 

This means that when you do a LIVE video for say more then 10 to 15 minutes Facebook will push this to be in more people's newsfeed, and have it seen more then you would a 2 minute video.

FOR ME i hate doing long LIVE videos so i will have to change how i do things but having a think about it today this could be great.

I can now hold seminars, trainings, read a book... umm ok i wont read a book but the possibilities are endless.

The reason for the change is Facebook want to tap into the TV market of eventually having a LIVE TV show being able to show full episodes. Yay for them i say.

There is a market for this out in the world and Facebook sure know how to up their game each and every time.

So next time you do a LIVE Video try to go just that bit longer, give your self some talking points written down before starting just in case you get stuck. If you need ideas let me know.

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Until next time x Natasha

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