1st Month In Business!! WOW that went fast!!!


Roughly 6 weeks ago i decided to go into business for my self. It was a massive decision for me to do it and i knew it was going to be really hard work.

Fast forward 6 weeks and i feel truly inspired to take this business all the way.

I have proven to my self that even if you are not certain about a certain topic to sit back, relax and take the time to research and make your dream possible. I never thought in a million years that i would create a website but i did with lots of frustrations and almost tears!! almost!!! i actually did it.

When i first started i had my business plan on where i wanted to go and over the last few weeks it has changed for the better. The people that i have met and the new friends i have made make it all worth it.

Here's to the next 6 months and on wards i have so many things that will start rolling out come January next year stay tuned.

Click on the Video ABOVE to check out my journey. You can also follow me on all the social platforms at Smart Social Online.

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