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This weeks FRESH TIPS are all about

Instagram Stories

It's no secret i love Instagram from its easy to use platform, to reaching the right customers and welljust because.

I now have found another reason to always check back in with the funky good looking platform.

Instagram Stories. A spot where you can post funny photos, snippets of your life and boomerang shots ( ill explain in a sec ) which last for 24 hours.

It's a great way to showcase YOU as a person in your business, an insight to what you are working on today.

So how does it work head to Instagram and follow.

1. Load Instagram

2. Up the top where you can see your profile picture and roughly 5 other circles is Instagram Stories.



3. Click on your circle and you will have a screen that will pop up which will be a camera, you can only post live photos.

4. Post something creative, unique and above all fun.

5. You then just take the photo and Bob's your uncle you have done your first Instagram Story.

You can also write on your photo by using the little pencil.. or the Aa symbol top right.

Bottom right is Boomerang. This is where you do an action like throw your hands in the air, then click boomerang and it will put that action on repeat. Nifty isn't it.

So there you have it Instagram Stories, not that hard but can be so effective.

Here are some ideas on what you can use Instagram Stories for.

- Selfie

-  Work Space

- What you are working on right now

- Picture of family

- Sneak Peaks

- Questions you want asked

So many other different things you can post to play around with it remember it only lasts for 24 hours then it deletes it self.

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That's myFRESH TIPS for this week

See you all 9am QLD Time next Monday

Thanks Socialites, Natasha.

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