Last Minute Shoppers


Start advertising your business for last minute shoppers. This time of the year people are scrambling to find that special or last minute present. But i bet your asking why isn't anyone buying my products their awesome, funny, easy to use and best of all their a great gift for anyone.. am i right??

Well you need to jolly up your Social Media presence. How is somebody going to find that perfect gift if they don't know that they exist??

Here are my tips to getting noticed this Christmas.

1. Post on Facebook 3 times a day!! yes i know you have better things to do but you want those sales.  So sit down for an hour, work out your posts and schedule them all on Facebook SIMPLE. You then don't have to touch them unless you get comments etc.

2. Instagram if you have a product based business or not.. i don't and i advertise on Insta more then Facebook.. Why??? It's the hashtags OMG the hashtags are the number one thing for your business on social media. Instagram hashtags are so easy to use ( if your not sure check out my other blog on how to use Instagram ) be sure to use the right ones for your business and ALWAYS put in your local town hashtags. Clearly you cant be sending gifts as we all know what Australia Post is like... what... i know you know. So only advertise to local people. So your mission is to come up with 30 yes 30 hashtags to suit your products.. you will have to change them every time of course but it's so worth it.

3. Post on Instagram appealing photos, not just some random thing in the shop make sure its STUNNING!!! it has to stand out from 1,000 of other photos.

4. Do a LIVE video I'll say it again LIVE videos are the best thing since slice bread.. or the Kardashians which ever way you look at it you need to be using this in your business. Grab a product you are really passionate about, so maybe your favorite product in the shop. Get someone to hold the camera and go LIVE ( not sure how to go LIVE never fear i have done another blog on it ) talk about how great it is, what you like about it, what colors it comes in etc. never mention price you want people to interact on your posts.. the more the better so don't give to much away. Put an urgent only 3 items left spin on it to... BOOST this out. Max 3 days for say $10. MSG me and i will help you Boost free of charge.

5. If your business allows it and you have the time there are several local FB groups that you can advertise in. Just a quick share from your business page to a Facebook group will see your reach go up on your page this is something that you want!!!!

So there you have it my 5 top tips to getting more customers this season.

Feel free to MSG me with any questions you may have, it is the season for giving don't forget!!!

Until next time Socialites. Natasha

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