Tips on Facebook Live Videos


Facebook Live Videos is a way to connect to your audience like you have never been able to before.

It's Live feature is a great way to connect with your customers and followers and showing a different side to you and your business.

Here are my Top Tips on using Live Video through Facebook and how it can work for you.

1. It's easy to use. Within a few clicks you are Live. Go to your business page, click on " post " then click " live video " depending on your phone you may not have this option so either click on the " 3 dots or the 3 lines " this way should bring up a little pop up box and then you select " live video "

2. Use the description box to tell your customers what you are doing. So if you are showing a new product off, write in the description box " New products " or " new products coming soon " what ever it is, it has to be short and to the point. Me personally if i don't think the headline is something that i want to watch i truly don't bother. You can also use hashtags in this field as well. Don't do more than 3 though. This is perfect for using your town hashtag etc

3. Once you have your description you then position the camera on where you want to shoot. Make sure your camera is straight up. Having it on the side will put the camera view on the side. Note: you need to have good reception. I live outside of town with crappy reception so i can never do a Live video at home!! which is so frustrating so just be careful if it comes up on the screen weak signal move to a better spot as the video will not record.

4. Click " go live " once you are ready. This will count down 3, 2, 1. Then you are live.

5. Once you are finished talking etc you then just click finish. It will save and then take a few seconds to upload and be complete on your page. I suggest watching it straight away just in case it happened to cut out or you didn't like something etc. You can delete it to.

6. Try not to go over a few minutes of talking. Think about it are you going to sit there and watch a 10 minute video?? Unless your a celebrity probably not. So the shorter the better

7. Know roughly what you are going to say, and do not read off a script. The whole point going Live is to be able to connect to your customers. Reading off a script will not allow you to do that.

8. Be funny and have fun. You can not do a live video and talk like a zombie. If you are not comfortable talking live then practice recording your self first on your video camera. If you don't have that personality then get another staff member. Just know that the more funnier, sillier you are the more people will want to watch you.

9. When you do go Live every person who has liked your business page will get a notification to say that you are Live. So doing Live videos every few days or once a week is a great way to gain followers. At the end of your video you could ask your customers " don't forget to share my video "

So there you have it my Top Tips on Facebook Live Videos.

I would love to see how you went so don't forget to tag Smart Social Online on facebook.

Thank You so much Natasha

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