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Instagram Tips:

How to make Instagram work for you


It's a Social Media app that most business's don't even think of using. But Instagram is fast becoming just as popular as Facebook is. For me personally i prefer to use it. So what's so great about Instagram.

1. Instagram is a platform that is more of a visual tool to help your business. By posting daily, yes daily pictures of your products you will start to gain followers and potentially get more customers.

2. It's super easy and super additive. If i find my self having a spare minute i love being able to scroll thru and see all of the people's post that i follow and with a double tap ( ill explain in a second ) you can " love " the photo or video. 

So what can you do to start your Instagram following?

1. The Hashtags in my opinion are the most important. Post your photo say if your in the beauty industry. Post a photo of a coloring you have just done. In the caption you would put " Look how gorgeous Nancy's new hair color is!! We are just loving this color blue. Do you want something new and funky for your hair contact us today to book in a free consultation " then put your business number etc. So that's the first part you are teasing them, showing them something that they might want. Then your going to use the Hashtags. In the comments field or you can do it in the caption its personal choice but for me i like to do it in the comments as if your doing a crap load of hashtags it just looks messy. So in the comments section click on the # then start typing what you want keep in mind it has to highlight blue for it to work and you cant put full stops or commas etc. so for the above scenario i would use #beauty #toowoomba #toowoombalocal #toowoombabeauty #hairsalon #yourbusinessname #hair #salon #colour also the product you used as in the company for the coloring etc. I would do about 10 but you can do 100 if you like. But by doing hashtags people are able to search that hashtag and click on all the photos that use it. This is why its super important to use your town hashtags.

2. Put daily content on Instagram. Choose Monday for a hair styling, Tuesday for hair color, Wednesday for introducing your team, Thursday for showing specials and Friday a funny picture etc. Having daily content will boost your followers for sure. Remember those hashtags.

3. You can link your business facebook page to your Instagram that way you only have to post in one spot. I suggest linking the pages but only posting it back to facebook every 3rd day. Do not do the same content on both platforms every day. If you have customers using both they will get sick of seeing the same thing twice.

4.You can search for the most effective Hashtags for your business. Click on the little search button it will be down the bottom of the screen 2nd from right. Click on that and search #beauty etc you can see how many people have used that hashtag. The higher amount of users the better of course. Keep in mind that generic hashtags like #beauty are world wide. Doing the search can help you choose the better local hashtag to use. Doing this also you can search other business's with similar content and see what types of things they are doing. Do not copy their content you are just getting ideas to create your own.

5. A very new feature that was released this morning and to be rolled out in a few weeks time is the buying and selling feature that is about to hit Instagram. So keep an eye out on my blog in a few weeks explaining more but at this stage not much info is about.

6. Don't forget to post personal photos i am truly big on showing potential clients how normal you are. So post your kids, dogs etc and use the #family #kids hashtags etc. This can also get you new followers.

7. Make sure you reply to every comment you get even if its just a thank you. It shows that your active and you care about your customers.

8. Double tapping. This is where its addictive. When you see a picture you like you just double tap on the picture and a love heart comes on the screen letting the business know you liked it. This is why its crucial you post things people can relate to.

9. Just like Facebook you can do ads thru Instagram. I am yet to try this as i feel its not for me. But if you are interested in learning more please contact me.

So there you have it.  My tips on using Instagram. As i said above its a great tool to get your business under the right customer by using the hashtags. Hashtags are key to succeeding in Instagram. Have a go you cant go wrong. Don't forget to leave a comment below with how you went. Take a screen shot of how many followers you have so you can see your progress.

Happy Hashtagging!!

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