Memories & How They Drive Me To Succeed


We have all heard of Dream Boards and Vision Boards... Right??? OK really quickly they are the things that keep you motivated, keep you going when times are tough and to remind you on why your doing what your doing and working your butt off so damn hard!!!

So i had a thought!!!! What if you looked at it the other way. For me i have achieved so much in the past 3 years by working at home that it never occurred to me until recently how much i have done and how all that hard work has given me so much.

It maybe small things but to me it meant a lot. Working hard has got me 2 x NZ trips in the last 6 months, Backstreet Boys concert tickets ( yes shh ), A 2 week cruise around Fiji and NZ, trips back home to Adelaide, Weekends away, Theme Park tickets to all parks and the best thing of all 3 years at home with my little one. I am sure there is much more like bills, speeding fines and all the other boring stuff but the point is seeing these things and thinking about those things gets me moving every single day to achieve what i set out to achieve and work my butt off to keep on going. 

So my challenge to you is do up a collage of pictures of all of your achievements!! then on the really hard days look at it, it will make all your blood, sweat and tears worth it.

When my husband and I travel we like to get a magnet no matter where it is, if we haven't been there before we get one, i have just counted and we have over 180 different magnets over a 10 year life sentence.. im kidding lol. But i see this every single day and if i am having a really crappy day i stand there in front of the stinky bin and stare at all of our memories, this then brings back to me why i work so hard in achieving our goals and if it helps me then it can help you.



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