Why You Should Be Using A CRM In Your Business


I have always been one of those people that works on a list the night before and that loves to cross off the next day once complete.

That is until i found an awesome CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) program called Insightly.

I have used it before in another role, but never did i think i would use it again to help me start my own business.

Insightly is like a mini diary but with a whole lot more punch!!!

Let me tell you why i love it.

  • Tasks - Just like a to do list you can set your self tasks. It allows you to put all the information you need into it, set the date, set a recurring date, add other employees to your task and much more. Just this morning i had a million things running through my head on what i was doing today, so while i was still curled up under the blanket i set my self i think about 8 tasks its that simple.

  • Contacts - OMG this is a life saver you no longer need to add every contact you ever make into your phone you can now do it through Insightly. You can add so much more information to like where you met, your relationship, all of the contact details from email, address etc the best thing about having all of your contacts in one place is being able to set a task against that contacts name. So if you saw Joe Bloggs on Friday and you know you need to ring him for a follow up on the Monday you can set a task against that persons name to give them a call. You do need to create this person as a lead first which i will explain. You can also save up to 2.500 contacts.

  • Leads - Once you have met with Joe Bloggs you can then turn him into a Lead rather then just a contact. By doing this you get to add a whole lot more information about your time with them, what you discussed and this is where you get to add a task against their name, add notes etc. If he signs on with your business you then need to convert him to a project.

  • Projects - My favorite pipeline. If you have a business where you have a lot of steps to take to complete their transaction this is going to be great. I personally have about 10 steps to do. From signing contract, uploading contract, Starting their social media strategy etc you name it you can put it in here. You save a template so each business gets the same pipeline but its so simple once you finish one section of the pipeline you click next and it pops over to the next so you know where you are up to at any given time. Amazing

  • Emails - You can send emails to the clients from Insightly i am yet to do so as i like to be able to use mail chimp for big emails as you can only send max 10 emails a day on the free option but this is useful if its just a once off etc.


I found the cost to be really great. You can get it for FREE for the first two users then it jumps up to a yearly payment at $12 a month which does give you better features of course but if you are just starting out the FREE option will be perfect for you.

Mobile APP

If your like me and on your mobile every single moment then download the app. Its just as good as using the desktop. The only thing i find is i have trouble converting a lead into a project. This must be done on the desktop. I have tried it on the Ipad and that works fine to.

So there you have it try it out its free and i truly believe it will help you in running your business to its fullest potential.

If you would like more information on how Insightly can help you and anything else Social Media related feel free to contact me through my Facebook and Instagram pages at Smart Social Online.

Thanks so much Natasha

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