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Do you struggle to get likes and comments on your Social Media Posts?? Did you think long and hard about what to write, post and tag people in, and still nothing?? Well there is a simpler way to getting the interaction that your Social Media profile needs.

Here are my 5 Tips to getting more Social Media Engagement

on your posts.

1. Post content that helps your audience: You need to post things that are going to make the customer want to know more. If you are working in the beauty industry post how to braid someones hair or how to cut bangs properly or if your a florist show people how you put together a bouquet of flowers. People want to watch this stuff!!! think about your business and what you bring to the table when helping customers and offer that on a much larger scale. 

2. Ask your followers how you can help them: Sounds simple right?? By asking what they want you get a clear picture of where your page could be going. They might want tips, personal stories, discounts on certain products, more range etc. Say your a seamstress and your wondering if you should stock Frozen pillow cases. I know that's probably a silly question given the hype of the movie but i just cant let it go.. ok back to what i was saying asking the question you will be able to gauge what your customer's are after.

3. Show the human side of your business: People want to buy from people they know. For me if i want to buy something from someone with a facebook page i will actually scroll through their whole page before i decide if i am going to buy from them. These days there are 100 other places i can get the same thing from so i will only buy if i connect with them. By making it personal opens you up to so many other opportunities. You could post about your pets, an achievement your little one has done or even yourself, new hair cut, food you cooked anything that can connect you with someone and make them think hmm ok this person is human i am going to buy from them. Try it and let me know how you go in the comments below.

4. Respond in a timely manner: My pet hate when scrolling through business pages. You need to be checking your page all the time. You cant go days without checking or replying to msgs. Me personally i want a response within an hour or i am going else where. Especially if you are a purely online business. Yes you need down time and things happen but have a few people admin of your page, if your going away ask a friend to keep an eye on it. Social Media is a busy platform that needs attention constantly.

5. Be consistent with your posting: This is a tricky one. In some cases this can annoy people and turn them away from your business. You need to figure out if your business is suitable for daily posting. Now this is my opinion. If you work for at home business's avon, nurtirmetics etc. Asking every single day to join your team is truly beyond annoying and will turn people away. You need to spread it out. There is a rule that i use to follow with my at home business. 20% Product, 60% personal and 20% offering the business. Now this was just me but i felt i wasn't bombarding everyone with the same posts. If you have a business like beauty, butcher, cars etc posting every day is absolutely fine stick to another rule i use 1 x product post, 1 x personal post and 1 x business post then repeat. You don't have to just do one post daily you can do a few over the day. do not do it all at once.

Bonus Tip: Jump onto your business page right now and take a photo of your insights numbers. It will be up the top either in red or green. Take a photo then start using my tips above then take another photo every few days to keep track on how well you are going. If you are in the green you are doing an awesome job. If you are in red feel free to contact me for some help.

So there you have it my tips on getting a higher social media engagement. Hit me with your questions in the comments below and let me know how you are going with my tips on your business page.

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Thanks Natasha

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