Tips on getting online sales for Christmas Shopping!!


Yes you read that right!!! Christmas Shopping ALREADY!! Wow hasn't the year gone super quick.

In Australia last year we brought 2.8 billion yes you read that right, in online sales from November 15th to December 24th. WOW!!!

But did you ever think with just a little bit of planning on your behalf within the weeks leading up to Christmas you to can see a splurge in your online sales if you do it right!

Let me show you in a few steps!

1. Make it EASY for them. Customers will most likely have an idea of what they are looking for so its up to us to put it under their noses.

2. SHIPPING. This is a killer especially if they are not local to you. So in the two weeks leading up to Christmas purely advertise and boost your posts to local areas only. This will save disappointment and frustration on both ends.

3. Who is your IDEAL CUSTOMER going to be for your product?? Are you a florist or maybe a hairdresser?? what ever your field is, think who your ideal customer is and advertise your product to them. ( If you need help with this please contact me )

4. GET IN EARLY!! you need to start advertising now!! as i right this its only 8 weeks to go until the man in the big red suit is here!! You need to start getting your wonderful product out there to sell.

5. ADVERTISE is key!! You need to get your product out there. Sharing different products, making it personal on your social media accounts or using " jab " marketing images ( another blog for another day ) will start to help you get a following and gain new customers.

So there you have it my 5 top tips to getting more sales over the silly season.

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Thanks Natasha


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