5 Facebook Post Ideas for The Beauty Industry

Are you stuck on ideas of what you could be posting if you're in the beauty industry?

It can be hard to come up with different ideas, photos, and captions each day.

Let us help you by giving you 5 ideas that you can post on your Facebook Business Page today.

1. Live Hair Tutorials.

We would all love to know the trade secrets on how to get that perfect curl. So why don't you show us? Doing Live videos not only boosts your page presence and reach, but it can be a way for potential clients to connect with you. Show them how to use the GHD to create that perfect curl, or how to style bangs!

Try to boost your Live videos as often as possible. Facebook loves Live videos so promoting them to the right people is a great way to gain new followers and potential clients alike.

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2. Promote A Staff Member

Did you know people are more likely to buy from people they know and can connect with? Once a week, post a photo of a staff member and ask them questions to create engaging content. It could be as simple as how long they’ve been in the industry or what is their favourite hair trend right now.

Focus on questions that your clients will want to know the answers to. Once you've introduced all of your staff start again but this time change it up and do Live "get to know you" videos.

3. Promote Your Products

Why do you use the type of products you use on your clients' hair? What products do you offer that your clients can take home to receive the same amazing results you give them?  Pick a product or range each week to showcase on your page. You can do this in lots of different ways from photos, videos, and Live videos to customer reviews. 

Show these products being used on the hair too – people want to see results. Try not to promote your highest priced items first as people will be less inclined to buy. Build trust with customers and show them a range of products that you can offer them. 

4. Funny Disaster Stories

People love to see the weird and the wacky. Why not post 80s hairstyles or colour trends that should never happen? I remember seeing a video of a young lady showing us how to curl her hair and she accidentally burnt her whole fringe off!

Yes, it's sad but many people will be able to relate to the fear of making a mistake themselves. You’ll also get a laugh out of many people, which always encourages interaction. When sharing videos like this, it’s best to share from Facebook directly, as YouTube is a 3rd party platform, plus, when you share straight from Facebook your videos may automatically play!


5. Before and After Photos

I’ve saved the best for last. People want to see what you offer and how they could look after a visit to you. Every client that you give a major transformation to is an opportunity to take some great before and after shots.

This is the biggest tip I can give you. It's what I want to see as a customer, and it's about creating a story for your potential clients. They could be feeling down about their hair but you’re showing them that it's okay to come in as they are because they will leave looking like this!

Bonus Tip

I encourage you not to tell people you have last minute appointments available.  I feel like it's verging on begging. This can work if you're a really big or busy salon that is booked to the max every day – your clients need to know when a time becomes available if you have a long waiting list. Otherwise, try not to do this often

So, there you have it – my  ideas on what you as a beauty business should be posting on your Facebook Business Pages.

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How To Create A Brand For Your Facebook Business Page

Think you're missing out on having an awesome Facebook Business Page, but not sure where to start?

Take a look at our top tips below to get your Facebook Page back on track.

facebook branding


Know your colors! You need to come up with colors that suit you and your business. For me I started with blue, not sure why I just liked it! 2 months in I started to use my pinks and grays. Now I stick with that as not only do I love it but it is now my branding I will always use and people are used to seeing it.

Remember it's not about the colors that you entirely like. Think about your ideal customer
- are they older?
- are they younger?
- Is your product for new mums?
- Is it for professional businesses?

Grab your ideal customer and think about it. If your ideal customer is older you are not going to do bright colors, if they are a professional they will most likely like warmer colors. Having the right colors is so important in any branding.

Once you have your colors, then you can start to change your marketing materials and your logo.

Step TWO

Who do you want to be known as? The one who has great products but has no idea how to post on social media or the one that is amazing at doing social media and has the knowledge to do so?

You need to learn how to take better photos. Time and time again I see everyone using blurry photos, bits cut off and just looking really unprofessional. You don't want that. Remember there are 10 other people that are selling the exact same thing as you! stand out!!!

Think outside the box. For me, I use my flatlays. Now I am not clever enough to create my own so I purchase them from a lady over seas. But everyone knows me for the flatlays on Instagram. I use my pink and gray in them and it works. So when choosing photos make sure they are 100% perfect. You want to be known for having amazing photos!

You want to show off you and your business the right way.

facebook branding


Think about how you are writing. Now for me, this is a big one, I do not claim to be the best writer with using the right grammar and I have had 2 people tell me so!

But you know what to me that is fine I am not perfect and if people are going to not work with me because I have spelling mistakes! or I use too many of these !! and these ?? then so be it! It's me and that is how it's going to be. So don't try to be anything you are not!

Trying to be 100% perfect stresses me out and takes far too much time to go over it all. I will say though be sure to re read your writing to make sure there aren't any major mistakes in them and that it makes sense. This is so important when boosting your ads etc.


Your biggest tool is YOU. Add in your own personality quirks. If you love dressing in bright colored clothing then show that off in your brand. Don't be shy. People love seeing the real YOU. If you love to swear then why not put that in if you love to dance incorporate that. People buy from people they know.

create a facebook brand

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How To Style Your Facebook Business Page

Stuck on ideas on how you can make your

Facebook page pop?

Follow this guide on how you can start gaining new customers just by how your Facebook business page looks.

Facebook Business Page

Tip One

You need to have a personal "Profile Picture" it needs to be professional, appealing and on point with who you are as a brand.

Take a look at the images below. One is a professional looking Facebook Profile picture and the other is a random photo. I am not saying that this suits everybody but think about your brand if you are fun and loving then show that off, you do not want to use the 2nd picture or a motivational picture, or product picture. I truly believe that people buy from people they trust. Showing off a picture that has you in it will be much better.

Facebook Business Page

Tip Two

Your Facebook Cover Photo is another super important thing you need to get right for your page. Think of your cover photo as your best piece of real estate. It's a million dollar house and you need to make that sign AMAZING!

So use this as your call to action. Think about what you are trying to do within your business. For me, i truly love being able to share my Facebook business group so I promote that 90% of the time.

So what do you want more email subscribers?? if so what are you going to give them? if they subscribe. Do you want more referrals? offer a freebie to anyone who refers a friend.

I have a rule for all my pages and clients that every 2 weeks I will swap and change all cover photos. Other wise for repeat customers it could get boring. Spice it up a little.

Tip Three

You need to have your TABS in order. There is nothing I hate more than seeing your                   " posts tab " which is the most important tab write down the bottom with 10 other tabs above it. This means that your followers and potential buyers have to scroll through a lot of unnecessary content to get to your posts.

If you need extra help on fixing your TABS, please refer back to my previous blog post to get some extra tips Are You Doing These 5 Steps When Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Tip Four

You should always have a pinned post on your Facebook Business Page!

This is so important. In most cases, this is the 1st thing people see when they scroll on your page! remember it takes 7-seconds for someone to like or dislike your page. So you can either have a LIVE video of you introducing your self and who you are and what your business is about which is best! or you can have a written intro and not just a hi, how are you. It needs to be rocking!!! add some personality, add your website, any links, and a photo. People want to see who you are. 

Tip Five

Have you come up with a brand for your business yet? I'm not talking about the products you sell but how you represent them. For me, I started to notice a pattern where if I posted hot looking guys that were doing quirky different things I got lots of interaction. So I now do this each time I announce a new social media info post. For me, this is because I know the audience by using my insights and I guess a little stalking from people who do like and comment on my posts. But it works! so know your branding. For me, this is my Facebook branding machine and I use it daily.

facebook business page

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Are You Doing These 5 Steps When Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page?

Do you want to know our trick on how we set up our clients Facebook Pages??

Set your page up the right way. Right now!


Doesn't matter if you have an existing or brand new page these tips will be able to help you.

follow our 5 simple tips



- Go to your Business Facebook Page

- Go to “Settings” top right.

- You will then need to click on “Page Verified” we are going to Verify your page, which will then help you get picked up in searches a lot more when people are looking for your type of business and it’s great to have a Verified Tick next to your name as people than know it’s a legitimate page.

Once you click on “Edit” it will give you steps to follow. Now for me, the phone number option didn’t work I had to send documents. This can be annoying but I promise it will be worth it. I am in the process of getting all clients pages verified.
So this is an important step to do

-Same section a few spots down click on

“Tagging Ability” You want this ON. What happens if you share something amazing and they want to tag their friends? They can’t if this setting is not turned on. “Others tagging my page” Make sure this is on.

These are the main settings to a page, however, go through each section, if you are not sure on any section just reply with a comment below or join my Facebook group (Link Below)

Other sections are 100% up to you and there is no wrong or right setting.


We are done with this section, now on the left-hand side on that same screen click “Messages”

We want to be able to set up Automatic Response for your messages you get from clients. Why? Think of it this way. If you are a customer and you send me a MSG through my business page, I then take hours, days even weeks to reply. How will that customer feel? For me, I would be totally annoyed and move on to someone else. There are 10 other people that do the exact same thing as you so why wouldn’t they move on. You have to stand out and make that effort. Yes, you still have to reply but having an Automated Response you will give the customer another option into contacting you and not leaving to go to someone else.

- You will want to scroll down a little to “ Response Assistant”

- Click on that, which it will then bring up a box for you

- You will want to change the greeting, so click on change on the right.

- Then write your message you could write something like “ Hi **** Thank You for contacting me. My name is Natasha and I will get back to you ASAP. Feel free to have a look at my website www.smartsocialonline.com Thank You so much” that’s it. Short and sweet.

- Click on “Personalize” to include their first name as well


Moving onto another section we want to click on “Edit Page” on the left-hand side

This section determines the tabs you will have on your business page and the sections you have. This is super important. Not all tabs will be available to you on each template so please remember to go back and check.

This part here is all up to you as each business is different. But I have selected for me and most businesses will be the same “Business Template” if you click on edit next to the template field you will most likely see “Basic Template” Click on that and select each look. Do not stress there is no wrong answer.

- Once you select your template go back to that page and scroll to the bottom a little. You want to see what tabs you will now have. You should always have home, about, photos, events (only if you do events) videos, services ( only if you offer something, shop (only if you sell something )posts. Mine goes in this order. Now not every business will suit that order so make it your own.

There are other tabs that you can get like notes, Instagram tab, Pinterest tab, newsletter tab etc. if you are wanting those tabs just click “Add Tab” down the bottom.

It’s important not to have tabs on your page that you don’t use. So if you don’t do Events then don’t have it on there. It takes up important valuable space. For clients that say have an event this month but won't for another 3 months, I just remove that tab when not in use.


Preferred Page Audience. There is no given that this works but depending on the clients business if they are just purely local or national I will add in different locations, gender, and age into this field.


Services, adding this section will help people know what you do. I have my packages on there. This is not to put a million things but up to 3 major services you offer will be enough. Don’t forget to make sure to have this tab showing when you edit your template in step Three.

Bonus TIP

If you have Instagram I would link your account. To do this you need to go to Instagram and in their settings click “Link business profile” then follow the instructions.

Once all of these steps are done, your page is well on the way to becoming amazing!

If you get stuck please just feel free to join my Facebook Group that is filled with other business owners who are in the same boat as you. You can join here Socially Smart Business Club.

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